SpeakOut 2017-2018 Year

  • Thank you for your interest in SpeakOut!
  • Application for membership was May 1st-7th.
  • If you are interested in joining SpeakOut, please add your name to this interest list. We will contact to let you know if there is space available.
  • Before submitting an application, you will need to meet with a member of SpeakOut to go through SpeakOut membership requirements.


SpeakOut is a participatory co-op, all parents play an active role in weekly meetings and administrating club needs.  The club year begins in August and ends in May.  Currently, weekly meetings alternate between speech and debate training and are held on Wednesday afternoons from 2:30-5:00.  We meet at Colonial Baptist Church in Cary. Members of SpeakOut agree to a Statement of Faith and belong to an evangelical, Bible-believing and Bible-teaching church. Senior competitors must be 12-18 years of age on September 1st of the competition year.  Families with a senior competitor may enroll siblings in our junior club.  Junior competitors must be 9 by the same date. There may be a child care option for those under the age of 9, but that will be decided based on the need once registration has been completed.


SpeakOut Yearly Membership Dues (2017/2018):

  • Senior Club Dues Speech (per student): $25 each
  • Senior Club Dues Debate (per student): $25 each
  • Junior Club Dues (per student): $15 each
  • Family Maximum (of above fees, does not include fee below): $115
  • New Family Registration: $25 (in addition the fees above)
  • Facility Fee: $10 per student (senior club and junior club)
  • If your student participates in the Apologetics or Extemp club, there may be extra fees associated with those clubs (TBD).

NCFCA Yearly Affiliation Fees

In addition, families are required to affiliate with the NCFCA before the first meeting in August which qualifies our members for an early-bird rate of $100 (this amount is subject to change each year and is regulated by the NCFCA not SpeakOut)

Tournament Costs

Tournament events span three days of competition.  Families should anticipate costs related to event registration, possible travel, lodging, meals, and tournament attire requirements.  Members are required to attend one sanctioned NCFCA event per year.